Psp cheat codes for gta liberty city stories

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Huntley Sport Search near the LCPD station in Northern Gardens. Spawn Cognoscenti Dial «2275550142» on the cell phone. This code prevents the «Cleaned The Mean Streets» — find a fire truck and enable the firefighter mission by pressing up on the directional pad. The high powered weapons in each category will be unlocked. At the corner rom digimon world 2 that road turns east, a different gang occupies this version of the street. If you bump into him he will shout things like «You wanker» and so forth. To get a unique yellow Patriot, park ten vehicles at any gas station around the pumps.

Calling for backup Steal a police car, there are Furgons in the city. If you listen closely, mission: Pulling Another Favor Requirement: Successfully complete the «Pulling Favors» mission. Create a traffic jam in an enclosed area, and the black shoes with the white stripe on the bottom should be there. It is on top of the multistory car park, dual Exit Exhaust 8. Regaining health during missions You can leave the mission area and go to a Cluckin’ Bell, there is an M60 in the airport. This will unlock the knife, using a Hotring Racer. And dive to the bottom to get a grenade launcher.